I created the Mind Set Growth Zone for a couple reasons, partly because I love to write and partly as part of my coaching practice. However, over the years it really has become more personal. I have moved on in my business practice to other areas, but my passion for writing will never change or move on.

The posts in the #GrowthZone are usually a lesson, for me. I often find the opportunity to grow my own mind set while working through various aspects of my life. Whether it is career, business, motherhood, marriage, or life with Sophie dog I find writing helps me find growth, that once in a while translates to being helpful to others.

I could tell you about my career, my business experience, my education, but at the end of the day I’m a woman navigating life through the many aspects, and those other things, while they influence my decisions, do not define who I am.

I hope you have fun here in the Mind Set #Growth Zone. I plan on expanding it this year to encompass various aspects of my writing, and I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for visiting!


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