4 Steps to Crafting a Delicious Humble Pie

Sometimes hearing no can stop you in your tracks. And sometimes hearing no¬†should stop you in your tracks. But there are other times when hearing no can be a catalyst for something great, for something important, and for something new and exciting. A few weeks ago I was going after something that I thought, maybe […]

Turn your head

How often does this happen to you, you’re strolling/driving/scooting along a street you’ve been down a hundred times, you turn your head, and you see something you never realized was there. Right there, in that spot, that you’ve passed a million times. Did it just pop up? Did they build it overnight, and the air […]

4 Steps to Approach Innovation and Creative Problem Solving

So you have a problem, now what? There is so much out there on innovation, design thinking, and creative problem solving, it’s hard to know where to start. In previous posts we’ve reviewed that you are creative, and where ideas come from. But how do you go from problem, to ideas, to actual solution? We’ve […]

The 21st Century Suggestion Box

Ritz Carlton calls it “Radar-On Antenna Up”. A couple years ago I had the pleasure of hearing a representative from the Ritz speak about the importance of noticing what isn’t being said, what lies between the spoken words and desires of the customer. For them, this wasn’t about innovation, but customer service. But what if […]