The Better Place

In my last post I shared that I had taken part in a short fiction writing contest called NYCMidnight. The contest started with over 4700 writers from around the world and after the first round we were widdled down to 750. In the second round we were given three days to write a story based […]

Turn your head

How often does this happen to you, you’re strolling/driving/scooting along a street you’ve been down a hundred times, you turn your head, and you see something you never realized was there. Right there, in that spot, that you’ve passed a million times. Did it just pop up? Did they build it overnight, and the air […]

Daydream believer…or, why the dog needs to take notes

Do you daydream? You know, where you spend time thinking about the things that could be, the words you could say, the actions you could take? There are countless articles espousing the power of the daydream. Daydreams give us hope, they help us to visualize the things we are after. The power of daydreams in […]

4 Steps to Approach Innovation and Creative Problem Solving

So you have a problem, now what? There is so much out there on innovation, design thinking, and creative problem solving, it’s hard to know where to start. In previous posts we’ve reviewed that you are creative, and where ideas come from. But how do you go from problem, to ideas, to actual solution? We’ve […]

The 21st Century Suggestion Box

Ritz Carlton calls it “Radar-On Antenna Up”. A couple years ago I had the pleasure of hearing a representative from the Ritz speak about the importance of noticing what isn’t being said, what lies between the spoken words and desires of the customer. For them, this wasn’t about innovation, but customer service. But what if […]

You won’t believe what they did with…

Resources and capabilities are abundant. In a world full of materialism and the need to accumulate it may sometimes feel that everything has already been invented. I’m here to tell you invention will never stop – and you already have everything you need to innovate and create something new and exciting. Have you seen the […]